Escort Vehicles

McFadyens Transport Ltd has a fleet of 8 escort vehicles which specialise in over-sized load escorting.


McFadyens Transport are one of only a few vetted by Strathclyde Police to escort in Argyll & Bute area.


All vans have the following equipment as standard:

  • 8 x Reflective Road Cones;
  • 2 x Warning Triangles;
  • 1 x Spill Kit;
  • 1 x Flash Light;
  • 1 x Auxiliary Rechargeable Radio;
  • 1 x Fire Extinguisher;
  • 1 x Van/Truck First Aid Kit;
  • 1 x Emergency Hammer;
  • 1 x Spare High-Vis Waistcoat; and
  • 1 x Spare Hard Hat.



All vehicles are fitted with roof mounted beacon bars and (blaze type) amber flashers to the front.